10:33 am June 6, 2016 By Julian Horsey

Artline International created a new smart fluids and air-free solder paste dispenser called I-Extruder that is capable of being newsroom number of applications such as PCB prototyping, crafting and product assembly. Solder Paste Applicator

I-Extruder Smart Fluids And Air-Free Solder Paste Dispenser Hits Kickstarter (video) - Geeky Gadgets

What the video below to learn more about this small handheld device that is equipped with an OLED display and is powered by the micro USB 5v power connection.

The new I-Extruder dispenser can be used for a number of the applications including : solder paste, compounds, retainers, silicons, adhesives, epoxies, sealants, greases and lubricants to name a few. As developers explain more about its construction on usability

I-Extruder is operator controlled, Air-Free solder paste and fluids stepper motor driven dispenser for : PCB prototyping, electronics assembly, DIY projects, crafts, professional or industrial assembly of products. I-Extruder is very compact, silent, light weight and combines the precision of linear stepper motor drive technology, the intelligence of microprocessor control, and the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of 10ml plastic barrel reservoirs.

With the help of I-Extruder fluids can be applied without mess, waste or inconsistency. Reduce assembly time by eliminating guesswork. If an application requires repetitive deposits of a fluid, a “Dotted” dispenser mod will reduce the overall time it takes by 50%. I-Extruder dispenser is fully configurable, has 10 programs and incorporate adjustable “Pull Back” feature to draw back the material and prevent dripping from the tip after dispensing.

For more information on the new I-Extruder jump over to the Kickstarter website for details, full specifications and the ability to order with super early bird pledges starting from just $89 via the link below.

I-Extruder Smart Fluids And Air-Free Solder Paste Dispenser Hits Kickstarter (video) - Geeky Gadgets

Solder Paste Dispenser
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