Unlike inkjet printers, laser print heads don't get clogged with dried ink. However, dust and bits of debris can accumulate on a laser print-head lens, causing many of the same print-quality issues as a clogged print head on an inkjet printer, including blurred or faint text and images. Because producing high-quality documents is essential to maintaining a professional business image, knowing how to clean your laser print heads yourself will ensure that your print quality remains crisp.

Turn off the printer. Unplug the power cord and other cables from the machine. formatter pc board

How to Clean Laser Printer Print Heads | Small Business -

Open the door to the inner compartment. Depending on the make and model of your printer, this may be in the front or back of the machine.

Remove the toner cartridge, waste toner holder and imaging drum as necessary to access the print-head lenses near the top of the machine. Place these parts away from direct light to avoid damaging them.

Wipe the print-head lenses with a lint-free cloth. Avoid touching the lens with your bare hands because the dirt and oil on your fingers can decrease print quality.

Reinstall the parts you removed and close the compartment door.

Reconnect the power cord and other cables and restart the printer.

Print a test page to verify that the printer is working properly. On some models, you can do this directly from the menu on the printer's display; on other models, you may need to launch the printer software on your computer to print a test page.

How to Clean Laser Printer Print Heads | Small Business -

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